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May 2020

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Dear International Alumni,

This spring issue of our newsletter is a bit different from the newsletters you have been receiving from us so far. Instead of invitations to our events, we are going to provide you with current information on life at Charles University as well as with interesting articles. And there are going to be some free-time tips too!

We believe that we will be able to welcome you to various events again in the autumn at the latest. However, remember to stay positive and enjoy the spring time!

CU Alumni Club team

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Offers and Requests for Volunteer Work

Many initiatives are currently under way for the organisation of volunteer work to both help others and to support providers of healthcare, social and carer services. Charles University has also become involved. Thank you for your willingness to help, your commitment and your solidarity with others.

How People Have Helped during the Pandemic: from Students on the Front Lines to Pilots Delivering Medical Supplies

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out large numbers of volunteers across the country, offering help in the time of an unprecedented crisis.

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Movie Tips

If you enjoy watching movies, check out the English-friendly movies at Aerovod, which is an online database of Czech as well as foreign movies. Another great option is We hope to see you at our Movie Nights in the next semester!

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Your Career at Charles University

Why work at Charles University? What do we offer?
Have a look at the open positions at CU!

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Study in Prague

Do you know anyone who is considering studying in Prague? Then encourage them! Not only is Prague worth visiting for its ubiquitous history, but also a safe place to live. We look forward to welcoming new students at Charles University!

CU Gift Shop

Check out the offer of gifts, souvenirs and high-quality merchandise. You can shop also online!

Interested or Concerned? Let Us Know!

We know that many of our graduates, including you, live abroad. We would like to be in touch with you as well and appreciate your feedback. Tell us what you would appreciate us to do for our alumni, what activities or benefits you would like to enjoy! We will try to do our best.

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