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Dear International Students,

You are reading the last issue of our newsletter of the summer semester, which means that the academic year is slowly coming to its end and the summer is just behind the corner. If you are graduating from Charles University this year, do not forget to join the CU Alumni Club! This spring was an extraordinary period for all of us. From the beginning of May you are again welcome to visit us in person at CU Point in Celetná 13, Prague 1. Meanwhile you may as well head over to our new website which is now available also in English. Good luck with all your exams and have a wonderful summer! We are looking forward to seeing all international students at our events again in October!

On behalf of the CU Point team,

Lída Součková

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Information about studies

When it comes to studies and exams, make sure you check the news on the university and faculty websites regularly. In case of any questions, you may also contact directly the Study Department at your faculty.


Did you know that in April Charles University celebrated its 672nd anniversary? Watch this video with Rector Zima’s address commemorating the founding of CU in 1348.

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New English website of CU Point

The website of CU Point has been newly launched also in English! Should you have questions or when in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will come up with a solution to your problem.

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Card Service Centres

Our Card service centre in Celetná 13, Prague 1, is open from Monday to Friday (9:00 - 16:00). From June 1, 2020, all CU Card service centres will be open again and summer opening hours will apply. For any changes and updates, please see here.

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Doctoral Study Hub

Are you a Ph.D. student and interested in self-improvement activities and further development during your doctoral programme? Follow the news on the website of the Doctoral Study Hub.

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How to Mind Your Mind – webinar (not only) for Ph.D. students

The webinar focuses on everyday mental health care during the emergency period. What’s there to look forward to: coping strategies, relaxation, mindfulness and information where to seek for help in Prague.

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Relaxation – webinar for Ph.D. students

June 4th: Relaxation techniques are effective for overcoming tension and stress. There is a wide range of them. We will tell you which are good for what and you may try out for yourself to see which ones suit you the best.

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Summer schools at CU

Are you staying in the Czech Republic for the summer? Would you like to meet new people, try another study field and even earn some credits?  See what CU has to offer - you may find more inspiration for summer 2020 here.

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What about e-resources?

On the e-Resources Portal you will find an overview of all e-resources available at Charles University. Most of these can be accessed even remotely – all you need is a valid Central Authentication Service password.

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Alumni Club

If you are about to finish your studies soon, do not miss the chance to stay in contact with your Alma Mater by joining our CU Alumni Club. We welcome all CU graduates! Our international alumni receive newsletters with information about events as well as life at CU.

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Alumni Ambassadors

We cooperate with remarkable and successful alumni across countries and continents. We strive to make the name of Charles University sound all over the world and to build a solid network of our alumni. Are you interested? Let us know and contact us!

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CU students as volunteers

Our students did not hesitate to give a helping hand during the coronavirus pandemic. In the online version of our university magazine iForum you may read interviews with our medical students – see here and here. We are proud of our students!

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Study in Prague

Check out the Instagram account of Study in Prague and also the videos on Youtube. Our colleagues and students are sharing their tips as well information for international students. Do you know anyone who is considering studying in Prague? We are looking forward to welcoming new students!

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Visit the Botanical garden

The spring is here and now it is a great time to visit the botanical garden of the Faculty of Science. You may enter both the greenhouse as well as the outdoor sections. Take a break from studies and enjoy the green scenery in the very centre of Prague!

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Our colleagues at the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove came up with the idea of baking and sewing face masks for our Erasmus+ students who decided to stay in the Czech Republic. Even small gestures can make a day sweeter!

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Erasmus Student Network

Erasmus+ students from all over Europe are sharing on-line workshops, courses and other tips for fun as well as studying from home. Check what other students recommend! Further, our Czech ESN student volunteers distributed masks for international students at dormitories.

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Orchestra of the Month

The Orchestra of Charles University has been presented by the European Network of University Orchestras as the Orchestra of the Month! It currently has over fifty members, both Czech as well as international, all sharing a common enthusiasm for orchestral music.

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Useful links

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