Přednáška Sarah Leupen

Using Metacognitive and Reflective Practices in Our Teaching: 5 Evidence-Based Techniques to Try The research in cognitive science now demonstrates the importance and value of metacognition and reflection in formal learning, and fortunately for us, our colleagues in education have developed and tested many specific techniques that we can use to teach our students how to effectively reflect on their learning and understanding. I?ll describe several techniques, applicable to a variety of disciplines, that you can apply right away in your classroom, ranging from simple to complex, and provide the evidence base for each. Using an example from my own classroom, I?ll demonstrate how encouraging students to take the observer role with regard to their own behavior and cognition may have additional benefits beyond the learning objectives of the course, to our objectives and hopes for them as humans. By choosing approaches that help out students become both more self-aware and self-regulating learners, we can achieve the deeper understandings that we, and many of our students, yearn for.

Začátek: 19. 9. 2018 od 13.00
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