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Dear international students,

Welcome to the new semester! Our first newsletter of the spring semester is packed with many events – come and join us for example for a movie night, first aid course or a running session in the nature. If you are a PhD student, check out our workshop and learn how to write critiques and reviews.

We wish you a nice spring and we are looking forward to seeing you at our events, which are all free of charge! You are also welcome to visit us personally in Celetná 13, Prague 1 or contact us by email or phone.

On behalf of the CU Point team,

Lída Součková


Fit Student

Come and join our Drum (4. 3.) or Yoga (17. 3.) classes which are going to take place in March. Both activities are suitable also for beginners, so do not hesitate to come and to relax between your classes!


Movie Night

19. 3. All international students are invited to our Movie Night at 5pm, Blue Auditorium, Celetná 20. Come to see the Czech psychological drama Walking Too Fast with English subtitles.

First Aid Course

24. 3. We would like to invite you to a 90-minute workshop on how to act in emergency situations. You will learn the basics of first aid in an interactive way! The course is led by medical students of the Third Faculty of Medicine. Open to all CU students!


Run for It!

26. 3. Run for It! is a jogging event which is meant for all runners – beginners as well as advanced. Come and learn the right technique of jogging, the first lesson will take place in Obora Hvězda in Prague 6. So what are you waiting for? Run for it!


Critiquing and Writing Reviews and Discussions

30. 3. Are you a Ph.D. student? Join our workshop focusing on writing discussion sections of research articles, which entails talking about critiquing as well as writing reviews. We will also think of important questions to ask when writing critiques and reviews. Registration required.


Career Day at CU

2. 4. Thinking about your future career? Workshops, trainings and counselling in one place - that is Career Day at Charles University. Join us on March 2nd from 10.00 until 17.00 in Kampus Hybernská 4 and we will help you to start your career.




Looking for advice on cultural shock and stress management or any other emotional, interpersonal, and academic/career–choice situations? Our counselling centre offers psychological counselling in English (free of charge for CU students). Contact:


Study in Prague – blog

We would like to invite you to participate in the students‘ blog of Study in Prague. If you are interested to share your experience with studies and life in the Czech Republic, send your short story/article to We are looking for a regular and long-term cooperation with a financial reward.


Guide for International Students

Check out our Guide for International Students that will provide you with information on CU and life in the Czech Republic - from visa application and health care to culture, sport and trips.

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