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June 2022




Dear International Students,

You are reading the last issue of our newsletter of the summer semester, which means that the academic year is slowly coming to its end. If you are graduating from Charles University, do not forget to join the CU Alumni Club!

We are looking forward to seeing all international students at our events again in October! In case of any questions during the summer months, you may contact us at or +420 224 491 850. Good luck with all your exams, and have a wonderful summer!

Marie & Karolína & Martin

International Student Advisors, CU Point


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Ph.D. Students – Writing for Publication 3: Style

10. 6. Too often, writers believe that “academic writing” involves complex language and a flowery style. In this workshop, you will learn how to make your academic writing dynamic, clear and reader-friendly.

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Reservations of Dorms 2022/2023

Do not forget to book your accommodation in the CU dormitories for the next academic year. Your reservation will not be extended automatically; contact accommodation

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Extended Application Deadlines

Do you know anyone who is still looking for study programmes with open applications? It is still possible to apply for some English-taught study programmes for the academic year starting in fall 2022! See our central database of study programmes.

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CU Alumni Club

Finishing your studies? Join the CU Alumni Club and get invitations to social and cultural events, find attractive discounts and benefits, and stay in contact with your Alma Mater. All CU graduates are welcome!

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Counselling Services During Summer

The counselling centre is open for you even during the summer holidays. However, due to our employees taking time off and annual leave, the hours are slightly limited. We wish you a great summer!

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FameLab Talking Science

Are you eager about your research, and would you like to present it on stage? If you are older than 21 and able to explain your topic in 3 minutes, do not hesitate to apply for the 2022 call by the end of July. The famous world competition is now realised by Charles University.

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Discussion on the Career in the EU Institutions and Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU

The Czech presidency of the Council of the EU is about to start! We would like to offer you a recording of the April discussion with panellists involved in the event’s organisation.

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Accessibility of Buildings

On the website of the Carolina Centre, you can find the current situation with respect to the accessibility of the main buildings of Charles University and its workplaces, including the dormitories.

Newsletters for International Students

Did you miss our previous newsletter(s)? No worries, click here to have a look at our newsletter archive from the past months. We try to inform you regularly about the events and news at the university and life in the Czech Republic.



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Honest Guide

Do you know Honest Guide? Check out the videos and recommendations for foreigners living in the Czech Republic! Janek Rubeš and his friend Honza (our alumnus) run a Youtube channel with a series of videos. Follow them and get to know some great tips from the locals!

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MFF Beer “πvO”

The unique cooperation between the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Research Institute of Brewing and Malting and Ferdinand Brewery lead to the creation of the beer Pěkný číslo (referring to the number π). Give it a try! Available at:

Cafe U Rotlevů (Prague)

Karolinum – Rectorate buffet (Prague)

Student residence 17. listopadu (Prague)

Pivotéka Pivoňka (Hradec Králové)

Pivotéka Tři sudy (Pilsen) (online)


Our Summer Tips!

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Karolína: During the summer weekends, you will usually find me in my hometown Jičín located about 85 km North-East of Prague. The area surrounding Jičín is called Bohemian Paradise due to its picturesque nature and rich historical heritage. I recommend making a day trip to see the Hrubá Skála Rock Town, Castle Ruin Trosky, or Wallenstein Loggia. If you get any spare time in Jičín, do not miss the most authentic Czech pub you will ever visit – the Batalion pub. But be careful; the waiter will keep bringing you beer without ordering!

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Martin: When nature calls, I like to explore the so-called “světničky” – old flats carved in solid rock scattered around the country. Arguably the most famous are Drábské světničky. One day trip through the reservation Prachovské skály with a visit to its famous tea gazebo “Weeping Clouds” at the end is also my usual, although sometimes I rather take a longer two, three days trip along the emergency camp sites in Šumava national park. In Prague, I often chill out at the Upper Embankment (aka Smíchovská náplavka) or spend a day in Radotín at the Biotop swimming pool and its adjacent Beach arena.

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Marie: If you are a movie lover, you should not miss the traditional Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. For music enthusiasts, there is the open-air concert of the Czech Philharmonic. In Prague, I like to wander around the Stromovka park or Divoká Šárka area where you forget about the busy city life. Also, don‘t forget to visit the refreshing outdoor swimming pool area! On a rainy day, pay a visit to the DOX Centre of Contemporary Art. Among my favourite locations outside of Prague is the Lipno area, where you have lots of watersports opportunities, and you may also visit the Treetop walkway. Also, Hospital Kuks in East Bohemia with the Czech Pharmaceutical Museum is worth visiting!



Photo: UK & & Pixabay

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