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November 2022



Dear International Students,

First of all, let us say it was a great pleasure to meet many of you at the Welcome Day for international degree students last month! We look forward to seeing you again, but we also hope to see many new faces at the events we have prepared for November. We will be covering many topics, from effective study strategies and academic writing to loneliness and isolation in a new country far away from family and friends. Check out our extra tips, such as a Czech language course for Ph.D. students or a university beer πvO.

See you at CU!

Karolína, Martin & David

International Student Advisors, CU Point


Study smarter
but not harder

3.11. This workshop is a must! Strategies for effective studying, learning how to focus and stay organized, not to mention getting rid of your nervousness, are just some of the topics of this useful event.

Sustainable Development

16.11. Experts in science, education, and public and political life will discuss the challenges our society will face in the coming year. Watch the live stream of the international conference organized by CU.

Survival Czech course II

14.11. "Ahoj, jmenuji se…" If you are a Ph.D. student who has finished the first Survival Czech, you should join our second following up webinar. This time, we will focus on apologies, time expressions, and daily routines.

Academic writing

24.11. Do you feel like mastering academic writing is a tough nut to crack? We have a solution! Join our seminar on creating a strong and effective summary. The session will be held by an expert from the Center of Academic Writing.

Do I have dyslexia?

24.11. People with dyslexia simply learn in a different way. Our seminar will introduce some of the signs of dyslexia and, moreover, some useful means of help so the students can cope with its symptoms and carry on in their university lives.

Photography −> Relief

This workshop is recommended for those interested in the sculptural technique of relief modeling. You will learn sculptural clay modeling, plaster casting, and the technology of patinating plaster models. Interested? Come to the Circular Workshop!

Be present, be mindful

Carolina Centre now organizes regular meetings focused on the basics of mindfulness. In a small group of four people at the most, you will learn how to experience the present, relax and be self-aware without judgment.

Combating loneliness

15.11. Do you find the Czech autumn sad and lonely? Do you feel a bit homesick? During this workshop, the lecturing psychologist will advise you on making friends in a new country and dealing with feelings of isolation in an unfamiliar environment.


CU has its beer πvO

The unique cooperation between our Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Research Institute of Brewing and Malting and Ferdinand Brewery has led to the creation of the beer Pěkný číslo (referring to the number π). Give it a try!


Going native

All Souls’ Day (Dušičky)

The summer is now officially over as one of the so-called “quarter days” – days halfway between the equinox and the solstice – is just behind the corner. As we are wrapping up the year, we also remember our beloved yet already departed relatives and friends on the 1st of November. At the graveyards, people light up candles on their behalf and take a moment to contemplate.



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