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January 2023



Dear international students,

Welcome to the new calendar year! We hope you enjoyed the holidays and properly celebrated the New Year (with lunar celebrations still to come). Regardless of your New Year's resolution to study harder, the exam period is about to pop, and there is simply no way around it. And since changing your study environment helps immensely with focus and stimulates your brain activity, we decided to summarise some of our favorite study places in this issue of our newsletter. No more squishing on a questionable sofa or leaning over a sticky table at your local pub! As a bonus for our Ph.D. students, we also include one tip for an upcoming summer school.


Happy new year, and good luck with your exams!

Karolina, Martin, and David

International Students' Advisors


Student co-work @PRG

This free student co-working at the Hybernská Campus is great for individuals longing for a simple study place. It is also the go-to spot for discussing your group assignments. Booking is available; otherwise, "first come, first seated."

PhD Mondays @PRG

As you may already know, this multi-purpose space in the Hybernská Campus is dedicated to all things Ph.D. - writing, studying, meeting colleagues… Open every Monday to kickstart your work week and get things moving!

Study Club @PRG

If quiet studying is your domain, then our newly opened Study Club at Celetná 20 should be on your radar. You may also run across the street to the № 13, where a chill-out zone (ground floor) and yet another study room (3rd floor) are available.

National Library @PRG

Municipal as well as National Libraries have a number of suitable study places. Everybody knows that duh. However, the General Reading Room at Klementinum is simply special. Arguably the most beautiful library in the world.

Cafedu @PRG

Such a staple just cannot be omitted from our digest. Open 24/7, this café, study room, and co-working at one is a dream. You can use a dedicated study or co-working space for a small entrance fee and enjoy some premium coffee!

Unijazz @PRG

Legend recently reborn at Husitská 22. Their new location is worth visiting, not "just for the sake of good old times. " It retains its unmistakable charisma, though in a new guise. It's a great place where long study sessions can turn into the unexpected.

Study and Research Library @HK

This unusually looking X-shaped concrete building with circular windows won the award for the building of the year in 2009 and is ideal for those of you looking for a quiet place to get ready for exams.

Two options @PILSEN

Coffee and studying in the morning, afternoon culture event? Does that sound good to you? Then you may try café Papírna or the more centrally located café Družba from the fellow University of West Bohemia

Tip: LERU summer school

The League of European Research Universities organizes their summer school at Heidelberg University on 2-8th July. The topic will be Concepts of intervention science applied to global challenges. More info


Going native

Blessing by graffiti

Various folk customs have always accompanied the feast of the Three Kings. In Central Europe, the blessing of houses is customary, during which the letters C+M+B+ are written on the door with holy chalk. In Bohemia, the letter K is used instead of C due to linguistic differences (hence, K+M+B+). Popularly believed these letters correspond to the initials of their three names: Kašpar, Melichar, and Baltazar (in Czech). However, the sign is in fact an abbreviation of the Latin Christus mansionem benedicat, i.e., "Christ bless this house," with the "plus" symbol signifying nothing other than a cross.



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