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February 2023



Dear International Students,

Our last newsletter was mainly focused on supporting you during the tuff times of the examination period. Soon, this will be over, so don't worry. But what's next? How about joining an international academic competition? Or finally transforming your podcast idea into reality? After the long study sessions, slouching over the books, you might also consider getting active again. Then the student Multisport card might be just the right thing for you! And if you are thinking about applying for a job, scholarship, or study abroad trip, our CV seminar might help increase your chances of being accepted.

Take care, and we'll be back with more, as always, the first work Monday of the month.


International Student Advisor, CU Point


Multisport Card

Finally available to the students, as well! The Multisport student card allows you 4 entries plus 4 more bikesharings per month for the price of a decent burger. It's really time to get moving! So, grab your card ASAP.

Impress with your CV

7.3. This crucial yet often underestimated document is what stands between you and your next job, scholarship or study exchange. In this workshop, you will learn how to tame it and structure it properly.

New recording studio

Do you want to create a video or a podcast but don't have the necessary equipment or expertise? Visit our new studio at the Central Library, where you can use the professional equipment for free and get advice from our technicians.

Next FameLab callout

28.2. The FameLab contest allows students to talk about their research in front of a non-specialist audience by learning how to explain a complex subject in simple terms. Want to know more? See you soon at Study Club Celetná!

Ma thèse en 180 secondes

…is a Central European contest for French-speaking PhD students. In just three minutes, you must present your thesis to the jury and the public. Registrations are open until February 19, so hurry up!

Join a choir or orchestra

The Chorus and Orchestra of Charles University welcome new members! Calling singers in all voices plus string, oboe, bassoon or horn players – join this prestigious body and let your talents develop even further under the lead conductor Haig Utidjian.

Support group

27.2. Sharing is caring! So feel free to participate in and meet new people on a biweekly basis. Other international students from different faculties and cultures will be joining, too. Meetings will continue for the entire summer semester.

Lucent Existence @HYB4

Phila Primus is an artist and poet conveying through her visual works a sense of heightened consciousness intertwined with biological, temporal, physical, social, linguistic, and symbolic orders. The opening is on February 6 at 6 PM. See you there!

Women in science at CU

On the occasion of International Women's Day and International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we invite you to the screening of a documentary Picture a Scientist, followed by a discussion with international female scientists at CU.


Going native

Masks and costumes worn during the Czech Shrovetide festivities at the countryside.

The “F” in February stands for “fun” (clickbait)

February is said to be the month of feasts and unbound joy, compensating for the fasting during Advent and the upcoming Lent. It’s the Shrovetide (“masopust”), after all! Such cheerful characteristics are fitting even today, considering the exam period is ending as well. Yay! Moreover, St. Valentine’s Day is also nearby – don’t forget! As you might already guess, all these festivities tend to have the effect of producing offsprings in time for Advent, hence the saying “St. Martin will show what Shrovetide can do!”. Anyway, the Shrovetide culminates on February 21, the day known as Mardi Gras in French (“Fat Tuesday”). So, if you are thinking about fasting again, then this might be a good starting point for you. Alternatively, if you wish to go “against the grain” so to speak, then the awareness campaign called Suchej únor is also a great starting point.



Photo: CU, Multisport & Shutterstock

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