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March 2023



Dear International Students,

It is the first work Monday of the month and we have your back in every way possible, again. Below you will find only the highlights of our March events. For more, you can always visit the CU Point calendar as well as the University calendar. We would also like to point out an important historical moment for the Czech Republic – the inauguration of the president-elect Petr Pavel at Prague Castle on March 9. It can be a great opportunity for you to explore Hradčany and the newly re-opened Jelení Příkop designed by Josef Pleskot. Furthermore, if you are in the mood for a bit of culture, we recommend visiting the Rock Bottom exhibition at Hyb4. By the way, the main university celebrations of the International Women’s Day will be held there, too!

We wish you a great March, full of fun and new experiences! We'll be back with more, as always, the first work Monday of the month.

Denisa & Martin

International Student Advisors, CU Point


Apply for SYLFF

PhD students can now apply for the Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund. Applicants with leadership skills whose research focuses on societal issues with international implications are welcomed! So good luck!

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Career Day

22.3. Jumpstart your career on our Career Day. Try out real-life situations with career advisers and find out how to impress during an interview and with your CV. Missing a professional photo? With our photographer, you can get one in minutes.

Survival Czech

Are you a new Ph.D. student in Czechia? And how is your Czech doing? Join our series of online language courses for beginners! We will start with topics like introduction, shopping, eating and more. Na viděnou!

Soul Care Centre

Newly established Soul Care Centre offers spiritual support and counselling for people of various religious and secular backgrounds alike. Make an appointment online or join a Holy Mass and other spiritual meetings.

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MindRun series

We would like to create a community of people who are interested in supporting each other and thriving for some endorphins. Our object is to run together to clear our minds and enjoy the happiness from movement.

International Women’s Day @Hyb4

8.3. Women in Science will be discussing their careers after the screening of a documentary Picture a Scientist. And The Iranian Scholars for Liberty will be putting together a memorial wall for the recent events in Iran.

Becoming a CU postdoc

Are you considering your next career steps after completing the PhD? How about further research? Become a postdoc at CU! Listen to our new Postdoctoral podcast series, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and read our website Postdoctoral Hub.

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Discussion with our postdoc Gamze Korbek

13.3. Come for an open discussion with our postdoc researcher Dr. Gamze Korbek, who will share her experience from countries she visited, studies, and worked in. Her current postdoc position in the Czech Republic will be the main topic of discussion.

Rock Bottom @Hyb4

This art project explores the world behind bars and its social impact through the contrast of women’s beauty and absurd loathing. Since the recidivism rate in Czechia is at 70%, a future reform is imminent. What does this say about the functions our correctional facilities should primarily fulfil?


Going native

Welcoming spring

After the Shrovetide, the month of March offers a possibility to detox and reconnect with nature. Following the Christian tradition of the 40-days fasting, this is the best time to go green. With the first powerful sun rays and longer days, make sure to visit some of the green spaces of Prague – one of the greenest capitals of Europe (check the Prague Green City Guide). For example, in Divoká Šárka you can combine walking with harvesting first spring herbs such as wild garlic (medvědí česnek), nettle (kopřiva) or even coltsfoot (podběl). A very useful app Na Ovoce can help you find the right harvesting spots. Czechs also love to collect pussy willows (kočičky) as a home decoration. If you prefer more sophisticated flowers, you can find them on the farmer's markets which are now re-opened after the winter break. For the blooming trees, we recommend visiting the Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Science, Prague Botanical Garden in Troja or the beautiful Seminary Garden full of almond trees. And for those suffering from pollen allergies, we have a few tips as well: check the current pollen situation or just come to the National Gallery for the Flower Union exhibition which was originally a part of the last year's Czech Presidency of the European Union.



Photo: SYLFF, Shutterstock, ISL, Lenka Tyrpeklová

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